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Beeswax Candles in Natural White (10")

Beeswax Candles in Natural White (10")

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While there are many options to choose from for basic, white taper candles, these 100% beeswax candles stand apart because they both purify the air as they burn and they support a small, female owned business in the US when they're purchased. Place these beeswax tapers in any set of candlesticks and set on the dining table, credenza, mantle or even on a nightstand to instantly bring charm and class to your space.

Buying Mo&Co taper beeswax candles supports women-owned small businesses, bee farmers, and the re-population of the ever-important honeybee species. And while these beeswax candles aren't technically scented, beeswax naturally smells like honey and wildflowers, so they will invite a pleasing scent to your space as well.

+ DESCRIPTION & DETAILS: Each order comes with a set of 2 10" taper beeswax candles attached by a cotton wick that, when received, should be cut short on each candle to separate them for displaying or burning. Each candle is handcrafted, dipped over 25 times, and contained in recycled packaging.


+ SIZE: 10" long, comes as a pair of 2 taper beeswax candles. 


+ MATERIAL: 100% Beeswax, USA cotton wick





+ ABOUT Mo&Co.: Originating from a love of candle-burning at dinner time, Amy started Mo&Co with the mission both to make the cleanest burning beeswax candles available and to enrich the lives of people and bees. Mo&Co sources materials for their candles carefully and thoughtfully, using only the highest grade beeswax from USA. The dipped taper candles harmonize the visual and physical characteristics of the ingredients, resulting in a beautiful and clean burning experience.

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