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Hummingbird Tea Towel

Hummingbird Tea Towel

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Add a touch of personality and luck to your home with this Hummingbird Tea Towel, hand-designed and printed in Colorado. This tea towel is equally as great at drying without leaving lint as it is at raising conversation. Counter Couture only uses the highest quality eco-friendly inks, so the print will not wash out nor fade, and you can machine wash them. Buy this tea towel as a gift for your outdoorsy friend, for one who loves the hummingbird, which represents beauty, devotion, and luck...or keep this tea towel for yourself to display in the kitchen or on the bar and amuse your house guests.

+ DESCRIPTION & DETAILS: This tea towel features black ink printed on the middle-bottom-third of the towel against a cream/white background.

+ SIZE: 28" x 29"

+ MATERIAL: 100% cotton

+ CARE: Machine wash

+ MADE IN: Denver, CO, USA

+ ABOUT Counter Couture: Based in Denver, CO, Counter Couture is owned and run by a husband-and-wife duo who is committed to living a simple and creative life. They draw, then screen print products with the aim of creating unique and cool stuff that will transform spaces and take your gift-giving to the next level. The products Counter Couture screen prints are sourced from the USA whenever possible, though in situations when they are forced to source form overseas, they source only the highest quality materials and ensure that they are manufactured in sweat-shop-free environments.

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