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Marbled Resin Cake Stand

Marbled Resin Cake Stand

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This handmade, resin cake stand features a mid-century style shape with its four-pronged base and a brown-and-black marbled pattern. The resin material is somewhat translucent, allowing it to look lighter and more orange when the light shines through it; in dimmer or indirect light, the cake stand appears darker brown and more opaque. This cake stand is perfect for displaying pastries, breads, or even décor on the kitchen island, this cake stand is unique and will undoubtedly catch the eye of your guests. Because it is handmade, no two pieces are alike, adding to its charm and distinction.







+ SIZE: 11" Diameter x 5.5" Height



+ MADE IN: India, Designed in Australia




+ ABOUT SAARDE: Created by friends after living in Turkey, Saardé is an Australian brand that that works with artisans in Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, and India to bring designs to life that are resonant of the olive groves, azure waters, salty skin, and shared sunset feasts in these culturally-rich places. Sustainability--of culture, industry, and planet--is at the core of the brand, which informs the designers' choices in material, craftsmen, batch size, and more. 

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