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Beeswax Bubble Candle (small)

Beeswax Bubble Candle (small)

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This decorative, Beeswax Bubble Candle in a smaller variety than our "big" one is crafted with high-quality beeswax and is unscented, so it can visually enhance any space without competing with other scent-forward candles or favorite home fragrances. Beeswax is a preferred candle wax because of its clean burn and absence of harmful ingredients commonly found in other waxes.

This molded, bubble candle is sturdy and has a beautiful burn: the wax pool melts just short of the edges, so the melted wax stays contained and won't create a mess. (That said, please always make sure to burn your candles on a tray, just in case!) Display this bubble candle on a tray and with your favorite matchbox or room spray to create a functional, well-styled look.


+ SCENT: unscented


+ SIZE: 2.25" length x 2.25" width X  2.25" height


+ MATERIAL: 100% beeswax; cotton wick


+ BURN TIME: approximately 10 hours




+ MADE BY: Humble Abode



+ ABOUT Humble Abode: Our company is female-founded, based in Colorado Springs, and is inspired by the joy felt by bringing personality and intentionality into your home. We offer a selection of unique, on-trend decor that's been ethically sourced--and often handmade--and have recently launched our own home fragrances and candles. Shop with us to support small business and American entrepreneurship.

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