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Chiara White Vase

Chiara White Vase

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Make a statement with the Chiara White Vase that's perfect for displaying everything from a flourishing, live arrangement to sparse branches. Set on a sideboard or the counter, and let it round out your space. The neutral color of this white vase allows its unique shape take the focus while blending in with other tonal objects and furniture.

Styling tip: to help fill out the large opening of this white vase, consider placing a glass (filled with water, for fresh flowers) inside the vase or, alternatively, creating a grid with tape over the vase opening and strategically placing stems within the openings to keep your arrangement situated just so.


+ SIZE: 9" diameter (including handles) x 7" tall, 5" top opening diameter 


+ Material: Ceramic


+ MADE IN: China



+ ABOUT CHICKIDEE: Chickidee is a British, independent home interiors brand established in 2010 that designs beautiful, affordable products that positively affect how we feel. Agile and responsive to trends, they are overcoming the challenges of small space living with mindful design. Their story began with their founder Joe, whose passion for interior design led him to ask the question nobody could answer: “Why do really well designed Interiors have to be so expensive?” Joe decided that great design should be inclusive, for everyone and Chickidee was born.

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