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Roman Taper Candles in Sage

Roman Taper Candles in Sage

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This set of two 10" scented, Roman Taper Candles is everything. Super on trend and oh-so-striking with their towering shape, flat tops, ridges, and chic colors, these taper candles will get noticed by your house guests and IG fans alike. What's more? They smell incredible - this sage variety of taper candles features scent notes of fig and olive leaf.  

+ DESCRIPTION & DETAILS: Sunday Edition's Roman Taper Candles are formulated with essential oils, natural aromatics or plant derived scent molecules. The New York-based creators use a custom blend of soy-beeswax and premium cotton wicks that contain no additives or chemicals for a clean burn. The colors of the taper candles are made from vegetable dyes and contain no hazardous solvents or toxins. Packaging is made with sustainable and biodegradable materials.


+ SIZE: Comes as a set of 2 taper candles; taper candles are 10" in length; Weight of each candle is 4.5 oz. 


+ COLOR: Sage (green)


 + SCENT: Fig and Olive Leaf


+ BURN TIME: 5-8 hours



+ ABOUT SUNDAY EDITION: Sunday Edition is an artisanal aromatherapy brand that helps inspire moments of connection, reflection and space. Their brand was born from the desire to slow down and to connect with nature and their creations are inspired from art and design. Their natural ingredients are chosen for their olfactory beauty and their therapeutic enhancing qualities, serving as a daily reminder of the beauty that exists around us. At Sunday Edition, they strive to create sustainable, conscious products. Their company’s foundation is built on quality and craftsmanship and their  scents are driven by intention, bringing you the best that nature has to offer.

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