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Scented Candle in Seville

Scented Candle in Seville

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Hot Take on the Scented Candle in Seville: This Scented candle is spicy and moody, with a hint of sweetness to curb its sultry nature. Overall, it’s a great unisex fragrance.

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The Wanderlust Collection by Bohéme Fragrances features an array of complex and seductive scents that are each inspired by a part of the world. Each scented candle is created around a story of the Bohéme Woman exploring that locale, which is featured on the back of the beautiful box in which the scented candle is packaged. The modern bohemian woman is adventurous, spirited, always true to herself, and each candle represents the best of what one can explore in the destination of focus.

This scented candle tells a story through both word and scent, making it a wonderful gift for someone you know who loves Seville or Spain, or for the bohemian woman in your life, and, of course, they are always clean burning, all natural and non-toxic.


+ SCENT NOTES of the Scented Candle in SEVILLE: 

     TOP - Seville Orange, Petitgrain, Black Sea Salt

     MIDDLE - Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine

     BASE - Patchouli, Musk, Sandalwood


+ The STORY of the Scented Candle in Seville (written on the back of the box): Festive even for Spain, the city of Seville bursts with romantic scents of exuberance. The Boheme Woman never misses a Féria de Abril, where the streets spring up with flamenco dancers, and the vino and tapas flow until sunrise. Enjoying the city in traditional fashion, she takes the time to savor and enjoy each discovery along her way. A parade passes, and she laughs as she joins the dancers, alive and full of Andalucian energy and light. Basking in appreciation from the crowd, she slips into the most hidden of casetas, where platters of juicy local oranges join with lush floral bouquets to perfume the air with their elegantly delicate and sweet aroma. 


+ MATERIAL: 100% all-natural, vegan soy and coconut wax blend


+ BURN TIME: 50-hour burn time


+ SIZE: 8.5oz

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