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Standing White Feathers Decor

Standing White Feathers Decor

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This stunning, standing white juju feathers decor piece features a center of white and cream cowrie shells surrounded by fluffy, ethically-sourced chicken feathers. This unique piece is the cherry on top for glam, modern and boho home aesthetics. This feathers decor piece is perfect for warming up an empty bookshelf, adorning an entry table, or sideboard in the dining or living room. It is made of organic materials have have been humanely sourced, and the shells have been hand-set by Balinese craftsmen, ensuring that quality backs its bold sophistication.


+ MATERIAL:  Balinese chicken feathers (that were obtained without cruelty to the animal) that have been steamed to purify at 100 degrees, Cowrie shells (found on the beaches of Bali), all mounted on black iron.


+ SIZE: Feathers decor piece is approx. 17" in Diameter, on base the total Height of item is approx. 23" (stand is 2.75" deep) 


+ MADE IN: Bali, Indonesia



+ ABOUT BAZAR BIZAR: This Belgium-based interiors company is run by a husband-wife team whose business was inspired by their world travels together, especially to Indonesia. Traveling to Bali, they fell in love with the people, the culture, the traditional craftsmanship, not to mention the boho vibes. That’s how they came up with the idea of launching a shop of original furniture and decorative items that are crafted by Balinese housewives. Every item is unique and has its own story to tell, is handcrafted in a sustainable way, and moreover, is a means for supporting the local Balinese economy.

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