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Stemless Green Wine Glass Set

Stemless Green Wine Glass Set

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A unique twist on the stemless wine glass, this set tinted in green, is a perfect gift or go-to set for wine night. Suitable for not only wine, but specialty cocktails, tea, and even slushies - let your drink creations be as vibrant as the vessels in which they’re contained.

+ DESCRIPTION & DETAILS: Comes as a set of 4 green glasses. Each glass features frosted glass at the base, which fades to a glossy, green-colored glass toward the top.


+ SAFETY & CARE: hand wash only; Do NOT microwave. (Although they are heat resistant, sudden change of temperature could damage the glass.)


+ SIZE: 3.15" W x 3.94" H ; 12 fl. oz. capacity


+ MADE IN: China



+ ABOUT OUR DINING TABLE: Woman owned and California based, this brand was started in 2021 during the pandemic when the founder and her husband found themselves stuck at home and missing the fun of going out to dinner. Sourcing her products from small-batch artisans in Asia, the brand was started after realizing how having beautiful dining and serve ware elevated their experience of dining at home. 

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