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Vintage Bud Vase

Vintage Bud Vase

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Adorn your bedside table, display cabinet, or desk with this charming, vintage bud vase, decorated by hand with 24k gold trim around its rim. This vintage bud vase is perfect by itself, with fresh clippings from the garden, or even overflowing with blossoms from your favorite flower shop; no matter how you style it or where you place it, this piece will enhance your space. 


+ SIZE: 4" tall; 3" diameter at the widest point; 0.75" opening at top


+ MATERIAL: Ceramic with 24k Gold trim


+ MADE IN: The United States


+ ABOUT HUMBLE ABODE: The Vintage Club Collection from Humble Abode was born from the belief that all well-styled homes require some unique items with history and patina. All items in this collection have been carefully sourced by the owner, Julie, from vintage, antique, consignment, and thrift shops to provide you the selection you need to complete your home, and saving you the trouble of having to hunt for them yourself.

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