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Vintage Green Candlestick

Vintage Green Candlestick

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This unique glass, green candlestick is a great piece to add a bit of color, drama, and maybe a bit of mid-century modern flair to your space. Though this piece's origin is unknown, it appears to have been made of a recycled green glass bottle. The glass of this green candlestick is thick and molded to perfectly hold a taper candle in its center and catch any wax drippings when lit. Style this green candlestick to augment a green color palette and ground a modern aesthetic.


+ MATERIAL: glass (likely recycled glass)


+ SIZE: 4.75" diameter x 2.25" height


+ MADE IN: Unknown



+ ABOUT HUMBLE ABODE: The Vintage Club Collection from Humble Abode was born from the belief that all well-styled homes require some unique items with history and patina. All items in this collection have been carefully sourced by the owner, Julie, from vintage, antique, consignment, and thrift shops to provide you the selection you need to complete your home, and saving you the trouble of having to hunt for them yourself.

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