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Black Wood Bead Garland

Black Wood Bead Garland

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Little decor pieces like this Black Wood Bead Garland are so important in creating an arrangement that's both complete and visually interesting. While a piece like a bead garland generally won't be the star of the scene, it holds great value in completing the scene. This bead garland is great at tying things together because it is malleable, so it can adapt to fit the needs of the scene and fill in the blank spaces. This black bead garland in particular also brings a little contrast, which is perfect when you need to break up some light colors or to enhance the moodiness of your space. 


+ SIZE: 34" long; each bead is just short of 1" in diameter; each tassel is approximately 5" long


+ MATERIAL: Wood beads, jute rope and tassels. All materials adhere to the supplier's commitment to biodegradable, nontoxic, organic, plastic-free, and upcycled materials.


+ MADE IN: India



+ ABOUT WILCO HOME: Wilco Home is a Texas-based home accessories and gifts company that has been creating unique pieces since 1978. This family business sources their products from the USA, India, and Mexico, and their passion, dedication and unwavering commitment to quality underpin their work as an industry leader in the home space.

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