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Eloise Embroidered Pillow Cover (18” x 12”)

Eloise Embroidered Pillow Cover (18” x 12”)

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The design of the Eloise Embroidered Pillow Cover was discovered by the manufacturers in an old, French shabby chic textile facility. It was originally printed, but the company decided to transform its silhouette into a gorgeous embroidery, which is what you see here.

This pillow cover features a lovely pattern for tonal home aesthetics - homes that stick to neutral colors while leaning more heavily on mixing texture and pattern to create depth and interest. It's perfect by itself or mixed with more pillows. If adding to a spread of pillows (like on the bed), mix this one with pillows in other colors but in similar tones that also feature other patterns (like stripes, checks, plaids) and florals of a different scale (smaller or larger than this print).

+ DESCRIPTION & DETAILS: Item includes a pillow cover with a hidden zipper closure; pillow insert not included.


+ SIZE: 18” x 12”


+ MATERIAL: 100% cotton pillow cover; metal zipper


+ MADE IN: India 



+ ABOUT TAJIK HOME: Based in Massachusetts, Tajik Home collaborates with weavers around the globe to create beautiful affordable textiles designed to make you feel cozy while bridging vintage and modern styles. The brand is founded on feminine values of cooperation, community, empathy, creativity, beauty, love and inspiration. These values have led them to create The Cozy Project, in which 5% of all throws and blankets they sell are gifted to women’s shelters and women and their families transitioning out of homelessness or exploitation.

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