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Rainbow Arch Candle

Rainbow Arch Candle

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Elevate your home styling with this decorative, rainbow Arch candle made from natural soy wax and a cotton wick. Pieces like this rainbow arch candle are perfect for mixing with other small decor and a tray (to ground and coral the items) to create a vibe out of what could otherwise look like a random piece on its own. Pair this piece, for example, on this mauve tray and next to a fragrant room spray to create a cohesive little vignette for an entry table or a shelf above  the toilet, etc.

+ DESCRIPTION & DETAILS: As these rainbow Arch candles are hand poured, slight imperfections and color variations may appear by nature;  these are not considered a fault, but rather a unique feature to each of our pieces. This rainbow Arch candle is made for decorative use;  burn time may vary due to the irregular shapes and sizes. Please make sure to never leave a burning candle unattended. Place this rainbow Arch candle on a tray for any melted wax; place tray with wax in the freezer and then remove excess wax afterward if needed.


+ SCENT: None (unscented)


+ MATERIAL: Natural soy wax & lead-free/zinc-free natural cotton wicks


+ SIZE: 2.8" length x 1" width  x 4.25" height


+ ABOUT Studio Akiyo: The two-person-team behind Studio Akiyo creates handmade candles, diffusers, incense sticks & homewares that embody minimal and modern aesthetics, and that add unique character and life to your space while soothing the mind. Each piece is crafted individually, hand poured in small batches in our studio, and is mindfully handmade using only natural and sustainable quality ingredients. Their handmade candles are made from a clean-burning, 100% natural soy wax with a high-quality blend of paraben- & phthalate-free fragrances or any carcinogenic ingredients. The company prides itself on being intentional in everything they do, and each step they take is considerate to the environment with the purpose to reuse & recycle.

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