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Scented Candle in Notting Hill

Scented Candle in Notting Hill

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Hot Take on the Scented Candle in Notting Hill: This candle features a lovely, floral scent with a touch of sweetness and freshness. This scented candle is great for those willing to embrace their feminine side and a great gift for a woman in your life.

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The Wanderlust Collection by Bohéme Fragrances features an array of complex and seductive candles with scents that are each inspired by a part of the world. Each scent is created around a story of the Bohéme Woman exploring that locale, which is featured on the back of the beautiful box in which the candle is packaged. The modern bohemian woman is adventurous, spirited, always true to herself, and each candle represents the best of what one can explore in the destination of focus. These candles tell story through word and scent, making them wonderful gifts for someone you know who loves the specific place or for the bohemian woman in your life, and, of course, they are always clean burning, all natural and non-toxic.



     TOP - Earl Grey Tea, Bergamot, Black Currant

     MIDDLE - Honeysuckle, Rose, Carnation, Violet, Jasmine, Peony

     BASE - Vetiver, Moss, Amber, Cedarwood


+ The STORY of the NOTTING HILL Candle (written on the back of the box): Saturday on Portobello Road, and the market is alive with everything from vintage records to fresh fare from local growers. The Bohéme Woman glides through the bustle amidst the iconic painted rowhouses, choosing a perfect trinket as she daydreams about the more serene surroundings that will envelop her afternoon. She has a date in the Kensington Gardens, among the peony and honeysuckle. With a cup of Earl Grey in hand, she alights on an iron bench, the sounds of birdsong in her ears and the smell of carnation and tree moss on the breeze. Every hidden corner of London is special, but here, perhaps, is the most special of all. 


+ MATERIAL: 100% all-natural, vegan soy and coconut wax blend


+ BURN TIME: 50-hour burn time


+ SIZE: 8.5 fl. oz.



+ ABOUT BOHEME FRAGRANCES: Woman owned and LA based, Boheme Fragrances makes a collection of handmade, clean-burning, all-natural, and non-toxic candles and fragrances that are seductively crafted to evoke a love for adventure and travel. Boheme is inspired by the modern bohemian woman: adventurous, spirited, and always true to herself.

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