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Water Carafe and Glass Set

Water Carafe and Glass Set

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This two-piece water carafe is the perfect way to stay hydrated at home. No more need to lug your water bottle around when you have access to a full liter of water at your fingertips in a décor-friendly vessel. Keep one on a tray on your living room credenza, one in your office, and keep one in your guest bedroom to welcome loved ones when they stay over; truly, nothing will make your guests feel more cared for than when they see how thoroughly you have anticipated their needs.

+ DESCRIPTION & DETAILS: This item comes as a two-piece set—a carafe that holds 32 oz. of water and a cup to pour your water into that also serves as a lid to keep your water fresh when not in use. 


+ SIZE: Carafe holds 32 oz., Cup holds 6.7 oz.; Carafe is 3.9" L x 3.9" W x 10" H




+ CARE: Hand wash only


MADE IN: China



+ ABOUT WEDDINGSTAR INC..: Based in Dunmore, Alberta, Canada, Weddingstar Inc. has been supplying a quality selection of wedding décor, gifts, and much more for over 40 years. 

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