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Wood Bead Garland

Wood Bead Garland

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Wooden beads are a great addition to your home--they add texture and dimension to the space while also fitting in line with the natural and neutral décor trends. Fitting beautifully into boho, traditional, farmhouse and eclectic home aesthetics. To style these beads, place them in a bowl or draped atop a stack of books. These work great to add something extra to your coffee table, credenza or entryway table, or to a stylized shelf or bookcase.


+ MATERIAL: wooden beads with a tassel made of jute on each end 


+ SIZE: 59" long; 84 beads that are each .6" in diameter



+ ABOUT YOGSTUFF: With core values of inclusivity, philanthropy and honesty, Yogstuff strives to foster a positive environment while offering a great product assortment.

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